We can help you to chose the right system for your organisation.  To begin with we would talk to you and your team to find out what you do now; what works well? what causes problems or eats away at your time?  Do you need  to replace your existing systems and processes or can we help you to make your current system deliver what you need?

If we come to the conclusion that you need a new system we can help you to take your organisation on a journey of change.  We will help you to identify the budget available, where current costs can be saved and to make a clear set of essential and desirable requirements for your organisation.  We can help you to select suppliers and arrange for you to meet some of them and see their system in place.  Together we will shortlist the best of the bunch and get a clear implementation programme in place.  Landmark Expertise can help you to bring all of your people on board, from the CEO to the casual team.