DigiTickets Tools

These tools are made to help you extend your usage of the DigiTickets platform and are not provided or supported by them.

MailChimp Pro

Pass all of your opted in customers instantly to MailChimp, together with information to segment the audience.

Customer Availability Display

Easily make a branded display for your customers to see forthcoming availability.

Retail Manager

Add and edit products via our easy to use interface. Makes VAT and pricing changes easy!

Bookings Calendar Viewer

See bookings and availability at a glance

Zapier Integration

Our Zapier integration allows you to connect to 100s of apps in real-time. Triggered on new or changed orders.

Full Xero Integration

Get order details, invoices, daily EPOS sales fed automatically into Xero account – now capturing PO references.

Ticket Manager

Coming Soon: Bulk updates to your tickets and review the list of active tickets, change prices etc en masse.

Ticket Scanning App

For Android and Apple devices a simple ticket scanner that will mark tickets as used (or redeemed) (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you created these tools?

We have created these tools to extend the core platform, which we feel is the best ticketing platform out these.

How can I suggest new features?

Please use our contact form – we’ll let you know if something is possible now, soon or not at all.

Can you configure the tools for me?

Yes, although we’re working really hard to make things well documented and easy to use. There will be a fee as we all have a crust to earn.

What is the cost of these tools?

Initially, we will be offering these tools free of charge with the understanding that support is limited.

How does this work?

The tools all use the DigiTickets API which needs a user creating and authorising by you, so fully safe and secure.

Can you do custom work?

Yes, let’s have a chat to discuss what might be possible and talk budget.