DigiTickets Tools Changelog

This page provides more details on the DigiTickets Tools. Please get in touch for custom jobs or feature suggestions.

Zapier Connector

Items completed / Ready for Testing

  • New Order Zap completed and tested
  • Order updated completed and in testing

Items planned for the future

  • Zaps back to DigiTickets, for instance on update of preferences. This is currently not supported through the API

DigiTickets Tools

Access the tools here: https://ticketingtools.online/Opens in a new tab.

Items completed / Ready for Testing

  • Login with username and password to connect to DigiTickets via the API
  • MailChimp Integration – passes name, address, email, phone, order total, item categories into a list defined by the user. Allows for the configuration of the Mailchimp list and the DigiTickets marketing preference.
  • Xero Integration – you can link DigiTickets to Xero accounts where
    • Each order created online creates an invoice in your accounts, together with details of the payment.
    • Sales through ProPoint are batched into one invoice at 11pm each evening and sent through to Xero.
    • If you use the Xero account or product code in the DigiTickets 3rd party ID field, this will be passed over.
    • You can specify a custom field (used at order level) to pass to Xero as the customer’s PO reference.
    • Orders in DigiTickets with no payment or where the payment has been marked as “Invoice” or “Payment on Account” will be left with a balance to pay in Xero, so your normal collection procedure can apply.
  • Customer Availability Display Screen
    • You can configure the event(s) you wish to show the remaining spaces for
    • Your logo, font and colours can be used on the display so your brand integrity is maintained.
    • The screen is another web browser window that can be opened on a TV or monitor and is set to auto refresh every 30 seconds
  • Staff Calendar View
    • Allow your staff to select one or more events and a date range to see what is booked and available within that criteria

Items Planned for the Future

  • Retail product manager – easily update products en masse (prices, tax rates, categories etc). Displays the product margin. Needs the API to support this feature
  • Ticket manager – easily update tickets en masse – awaiting API support
  • Retail Stock manager – add stock, goods received, stock issues and perform stocktakes then report and/update DigiTickets – awaiting API support.
  • Membership Manager – to allow memberships to be managed without ProPoint. This will require scoping and is only at the idea stage.

Bespoke Turnstile Integration

We created an integration that accepts data from a turnstile then queries the DigiTickets platform to see if the ticket, order or membership is valid. Optionally, it can return a “Welcome” message to the turnstile (including a member’s photograph if desired) and can be used to mark a ticket as redeemed.

App to redeem tickets

Access the App here: https://ticketscanning.app/Opens in a new tab.

Many clients do not require a full EPOS integration so we have created an app to use a smartphone or tablet camera to scan tickets or orders and allow the user to validate them. The solution uses a web page so there is nothing to install. Operators need a valid DigiTickets account with appropriate permissions. Note, this version of the app does not support unredemption of tickets, membership redemption or offline working, though these are planned for the future. It is a free solution.

Important Note

These tools are not endorsed or supported by DigiTickets, Xero or MailChimp. Please contact us for any assistance.