What we do

We provide high quality content

Here and on other websites.

We provide advice for attractions

We are always happy to offer advice on increasing revenue

Who host websites

High quality, high availability hosting for websites here in the UK.

Domain Name Trading

We buy and sell domain names, often using techniques and adding content and authority to increase value.

Why choose Us?

Our content is well read across this and other websites

Occasionally we recommend products and services and sometimes these are affiliate links which means that we receive a payment from the seller, which is at no additional cost to you. Some of our sites have adverts which also make us income.

Advice for Attractions

With many years of experience in the sector, we are passionate about generating revenue is a considered way to help attractions of all sizes to do more.

Working in a number of attractions in mid and senior management roles before working in e-commerce and for ticketing/visitor management software firms mean that we have a wealth of real-world experience and the skills to communicate this clearly across a range of stakeholders.

Web Hosting and Domain Name Services

We have sold web hosting services since around 2001. This was in the “wild west” and most hosting was only available in the US. We were early adopters of UK based webhosting and have run complex server stacks, own hardware, and nowadays concentrate on high end services only.

During 2021 we have bought and sold over 100 domain names as we had aimed to reduce our domain holding but trading the right names for the right niche has proved to be lucrative.